Wildlife Conservation Society - Give A Sip

New Yorkers are inundated with advertising and messaging. Everywhere they look there's another ad telling them what to do. When we needed to get their attention and get them a message to help make the world a better place, we made sure to put it in the one place they wouldn’t miss – their local bodega. 


With less than $15K in media budget, we employed over 2000 bodegas around NYC to help us get the message out: pledge to never use plastic straws again. 
Plastic straws are an often overlooked threat to the marine life that surrounds NYC. To the average person, they are a single use convenience that's discarded - often too small to be recycled and dumped into the ocean. 

So, with a strong, clear message, we helped empower deli owners and New Yorkers to take a pledge to Give a Sip and ditch plastic straws for good. 


What it is:

Experiential, OOH, Social, Print

The Bodega that's Saving the World

In partnership with the Yemeni Merchants Association, WCS launched a grass roots campaign that put our message in 2000+ storefronts in the NYC area. Empowering new Yorkers to become heroes for the ocean and pledge to not use single-use plastic straws. 


OOH Storefront Signage


Shark Week Stunt

During Discovery Channel's Shark week, we installed wild postings around New York City to bring the threat of single-used plastics to the top of mind. 

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