Bronx Zoo - Dinosaur Safari

The Bronx Zoo is one of the world’s most iconic attractions that was suffering from an attendance problem. The general consensus was that zoos had already been done and that the NYC attractions were in Manhattan, not the Bronx. Something new was needed to help drive attendance and increase membership.
The answer was a campaign built around one theme: “Make your day prehistoric.” And in keeping with the Bronx Zoo’s mission to educate, our campaign highlighted how dinosaurs are very much like animals that live on our planet today. Even in the Bronx. 

What it is:

Film, Print, Social, OOH


Influencer Activation

The Dinosaur Safari campaign was kicked off by inviting a select few influencers to take a trip back in time for a fun, family filled time amongst dinosaurs. The influencers were sent
wooden cargo boxes with the teaser headline, “IT’S COMING 4.19.19” and the Dinosaur Safari logo stamped on it. Inside each box were dinosaur fossils, a paleontologist kit, stickers, pins and an invite with tickets for the whole family.


Boogiedown Docu-series

Five part docuseries about the collaboration between genre-creating artists and the Bronx Zoo

Wild Postings

We created Borough specific wild postings in areas that had the highest potential of visitors in NYC. 

The Bronx




Social posts reflected the characteristics of New Yorkers today. Showing that even though dinosaurs live eons before us, there are similarities to animals and humans today.

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