Here are some random facts about me and why that photo is the header of this page:
I have a son named Buddy. No that isn't his real name, but that is what
we call him. His selfie game is on 
point. Check out his gallery below. 
I'm convinced my wife has terrible eyesight. This is the only logical explanation why someone that looks like her would marry someone that looks like me. 
I once was a scratch golfer... For one round of golf. 
I live in the suburbs of NJ, where I bought a lot of power tools. 
I make my own furniture. 
I go to as many concerts as I can. I once had a run where I went to at least 2 shows a month for 9 years. I have every ticket stub to prove it. 
I grew up in a house with 2 little brothers, Michael and Patrick. Michael, the smartest one, could play eleven different instruments and was taking college classes as a freshman in high school. Patrick, the most athletic, could throw a 75 mph fastball when he was twelve. 
I could draw stuff. 
So when my parents saw a vocational school for graphic design and print making they signed me up the next day. 
Here's where I fell in love with design and advertising. I was getting good grades, making cool stuff and, occasionally getting my hand caught in a printing press or cutting my finger tip off with an exacto blade. 
Insert Miss S., a teacher that changed my life forever. She took me away from the horrors of print making and paper cutting (As well as expensive hospital bills) and showed me a path that applies my drawing skills with cleverness. 
Since meeting Miss S., I've created award winning work, got to meet some incredible people and, most proudly, had my billboards across Manhattan for everyone to see. I also graduated college... for drawing!
This is toddler_selfie - a daily-ish selfie taken by my son, Buddy.